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Vigil for vocations in Vicoforte

A group of youth, families, brothers and sisters of Cenacolo met at the Sanctuary of Vicoforte at Mondově on May 2nd for the prayer vigil organized by the diocese of Piemonte, on the occasion of the World Vocation Day.
We lived a moment of welcoming that was simple and joyful in the square of the Sanctuary with songs, dances and testimonies of the guys and girls of our Community.
Slowly the square became populated with persons coming from different localities and different charismas, but united in an atmosphere of sincere communion and joy. In the late afternoon we gathered together around the square from which set out a small procession in which we prayed for the different vocations that man is called to live as one baptized: the family, a missionary and in particular the religious vocations. When we had entered in the Sanctuary, the evening followed with a moment of Eucharistic Adoration under the gaze of Mary, to whom we entrusted ourselves with a prayer of consecration.
During the adoration the speeches of H:R:R. Mons. Arrigo Miglio, Bishop of Ivrea, Mons. Luciano Pacomio Bishop of Mondově and Mons. Gabriele Mana Bishop of Biella helped us to understand the meaning of St. Paul's words: ”I know Whom I trusted.” which were the words chosen as the theme of the day.
Inside the Sanctuary all of the side chapels had been prepared in different ways: there was the part dedicated to the presentation of the Sanctuary, another used for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and one for the adoration of the Holy Sacrament. It was an evening of prayer in which one strongly felt the presence of Jesus risen and alive in the midst of us. We lived what it means to be the Church, united under the gaze of Mary, with the joy of belonging to Him.

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