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Apr 26, 2009

Ciao a tutti. The weather is great and every day is getting a lit bit hotter in the 80ís. We are having great weather with a beautiful breeze and a lot of sunshine! Life has been even busier than it usually is since Easter, because the interview of Mother Elvira on EWTN. It really brought a lot of attention toward the Community. We have gotten a big volume of calls from so many people who really want to come to the Community. Itís great, but we do not have any more space. As always, we have peace because we know that God is in charge, and He knows what is better to do for us!
At OLOH we had a couple of guys enter: Mitch (FL) and Dan (NH). We are working a lot in the garden and landscape. Now is the season for it. We also have a team of guys working on the structure of the tent. We are redoing a bridge over the creek, and the guys are doing a very good job! We have changed the cook finally. Steve is out of the kitchen, and now Christian is the new cook. The guys are in good spirits, but we feel the summer. I do not know if itís the heat of the summer, but it seems that in the summer the guys are more troubled.
At MI also we have changed the cook. Now Tom took over the work of the kitchen, and he really enjoys it. Also here we keep working on the garden, landscape, and the dormitory, but the building project is really going slowly. Since we donít have a lot of guys with skills, we always have problems, and it seems that nothing gets done. I really need to be patient with it. We also just received the estimate to do the road required by fire department, to dig the pond, and to clear the soccer field. It is an enormous amount of money. For sure we can benefit from help. I am really trying to work things out with the company that will do the project!
It is time to prepare for the Festival of Life in Saluzzo, Italy, July 16-20. We really would like to know who is going. Please let your Regional Contact know, so they can give us with the regional count. Italy has set up a website in different languages with lots of info. Please do not worry. Your son will be there even if he is not in Italy. The web site is Use the website. Itís info you need to know.
Mother Elvira in these days is in Medjugorje because we had the meeting for the couples and their children who live in community. We had more then 20 couples there. She will extend her stay because next week there is a pilgrimage of former members of the Community to Medjugorje, and she wants to be there for it. I wish I could be there. Those are very special moments!
It has been time for moms to do an experience! We just had Shaunís mom staying at OLOH for 2 weeks. Now we have Masonís mom doing an experience at St. Maria Goretti, and we have Davidís mom doing an experience in Medjugorje. Itís very special for the parents to spend time with their kids in Community to rebuild the relationship, to experience more healing, and to see what their sons live in this Community that is not easy at all.
A few guys from Medjugorje, Nicholas K., Collin B., and Dan (NJ), have been moved to Verbvec, close to Zagreb, to another big house where we have also a lot of people of different nationalities.
Please continue to support our Community because our Cenacolo family keeps on growing!

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