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Feb 11, 2009

Parents and families retreat April 3-5, 2009
I am getting back in my normal schedule going around between our three houses here in Florida. I feel very good to see what is happening in our daily community life. We had been having a lot guys coming for orientation from all over the country and from other countries. So many people are attracted to the hope Cenacolo gives. That makes me very proud to be part of this special family that more and more focuses on the best for the person not on things, not on studies, but on life and chances given to those that come.
Today Jesus came to take home with Him one of our dear grandmothers, Danny Neja’s grandma. All her family was with her as she let go of this world and entered into the life for which she was created. Grandma always came to the retreats, loved the Community, and prayed for all our guys and girls. Please pray for her and for her family who will miss her deeply.
Just this past week we had 5 guys enter, Victor TN, German MX, Tim WI, Caleb Canada, Joshua OK, so we are filling up our houses and that makes us very happy because every new guy helps everybody to be more helpful, more charitable toward the others.
At OLOH again we are working on the tent for our spring retreat that will start on April 3-5 and will end on Palm Sunday. The guys are repainting the structure that needed it a lot, and now we will start a new project to build our new stage in metal. It will be built in sections and, hopefully, will last forever. It is a long-term investment for us. Also it will create a lot of work for the guys. In the garden we have a lot to do because is the time to start planting all the spring vegetables! We had some very cold weather, very unusual for Florida, and it did some damage to the garden, but now we are getting back to our normal weather and during the day we have sometimes 70 degrees.
At MI we are working hard on the dormitory and the other building. Little by little, it is moving forward in our work. The guys are really doing a great job, and there is a good feeling in the house. We have been blessed to have many priests coming to celebrate Mass on Sunday and during the week, and that is a great spiritual providence. Jon Paul left one day, but he came back just few hours later after talking to his mom who closed the door. Now is doing some Cenacolo therapy, sleeping outside in the woodshed with Michele (Guardian Angel). Michele leads the house by example for sure. Anyway, Jon Paul’s work is moving logs in the woods. It is giving him a chance to reflect on what he wants to do, but in the meantime we are happy that he made the decision to come back.
At SMG the girls are also busy. We had another girl Mary do an orientation and, hopefully, she will enter this coming week. We had just celebrated Kathleen’s 20th birthday with a lot of joy. Ashley left for a few hours and then, after speaking with her family, decided to come back! The girls are busy doing all kinds of work like quilts, bags, plaques, rosaries, bracelets–you name it. There are lots of talents anad gifts with this group of girls. We had to prepare for an event that we will have in Tampa at the end of March. Also they are very hospitable, so everyone who comes in the house is very touched by it.
As I mentioned, we will have our spring retreat April 3-5 at Camp St. John. You can call Marywood Retreat Center to get your room. We only have 35 available this year, so they will go soon. It is very important for you to come. It is good for you to understand more about Cenacolo and grow in your faith!

Also this month we will be again on EWTN on “Life on the Rock” on Feb 26 at 8pm Eastern Time! Please pray for us because it is a great exposure in the time where we are already overwhelmed from requests to come in Community!
Just had a chance to celebrate my birthday at the Farm. A poster that young Jahaan drew had the title “Most Wanted Cenacolo member.” It was a great time to celebrate with the guys. I thank God for my gift of life. I thank God for the gift of the Community in my life and to be able to spread the hope reborn that comes from Cenacolo!


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