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A visit from the Bishop of England

          In the last few days we have been so happy to have S.E.R Mons. Patrick O’Donoghue with us. Patrick O'Donoghue is Bishop of Lancaster, the English diocese where the Community has a fraternity in Kendal. For a long time the bishop has desired to visit the core of the Community: he had met us some years ago in Ireland in the fraternity close to Our Lady of Knock and he had invited and welcomed us in his diocese with the warmth of a Pastor and of a father.

The Providence made the dates he could come coincided with the party for Mother Elvira’s birthday, so the party was double and during his staying here he met many boys and girls from different fraternities all over Europe. Friends of our Community, Father Robert, the bishop’s secretary, and Father Chris, parson of Kendal, came with the bishop. Their presence among us was so precious for their uncommon humbleness and their open heart with which they  met many among us: boys and girls, families, Brothers and Sisters…they literally plunged into the daily life of the Community to contemplate what the Father was working in us and with us for the youth of today.

We desire to thank the Bishop and all his coadjutants to have made us experiment our belonging to the Church; we felt loved, encouraged, supported in our rebirth in the faith.

Thank you very much again from the bottom of the heart.

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