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Jan 5, 2009

Here at Comunita Cenacolo America, our hearts and prayers have been focused on Mexico. All three houses have maintained Perpetual Adoration, praying for Fabrizio an Italian young man who had a bad fall at the mission in Mexico. He was taken to the small local hospital. Thanks be to God, he is alive, alert, and not paralyzed. However, he was too fragile to be moved at first. Albino immediately flew over and is still there. He broke eight ribs and one of his lungs collapsed both from the impact and five punctures caused by the ribs. He was transferred to an excellent hospital in Mexico City where they were able to do the necessary medical evaluations and surgery. Please join us in praying for him. These are critical days.

Life here at Comunita Cenacolo America continues to bloom. We have been blessed with Mass almost daily since Christmas week at both Our Lady of Hope and Mary Immaculate. Father Joseph Mary from EWTN came to St. Augustine and wanted to come to the Community. He celebrated Mass both at MI and at St. MG. Another priest from a nearby mission is now committed to Sunday Mass at MI, so finally the guys do not have to go over to OLOH every Sunday morning. They can stay at their own house from Mass, lunch, and then join their brothers for afternoon sports. Bishop Snyder is now celebrating Sunday Mass at the girls’ house, as well as at OLOH. Another local priest has also committed to celebrating Mass at St. MG every Tuesday, so little by little the girls, too, are able to have the great gift of the Holy Mass more often. Many of us are offering our Eucharist for Fabizio.

Christmas is always, and naturally, a difficult time for the guys with only a few months in Community. Sean at MI wanted to leave, but his family was strong in their “no” and closed the door, so he remained. There was a similar situation with Ashley, but again the parents stood their ground together and strong. This is the key. The reaction of the family is critical. The young guys and girls, for sure, are not going to live on the street, and usually the older ones don’t want to oppose their family completely, so they can get past the crisis if the family is strong. The family has to be strong for them when they are weak. This is what it means to truly love them. Giving in to what they want only added to their destruction for so many years. All this is growth and healing for the families, too, who have often been controlled by the young man/woman.

We are starting the orientations again now that Christmas Day and New Year have passed. Alex entered at MI but is struggling. Jorge re-entered at MI. Will entered a while back at OLOH. The expression on his face gets a little better every day.

Albino returns this week, God willing.

We pray for you and all those you love!

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