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Novembre 30, 2008

Here I Am
Here I am back from my 3 week trip to Mexico first and then Peru. (Please see the new photos.)I arrived back in the States just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving. It was a joy for my dear wife that I came back home in time. The time in Peru was great. It was wonderful to visit our houses there and see all the missionaries, especially Dan and Tim who are doing very well and are doing a great job in the house where they are. There I saw Dan N. dad and also Sister Jennifer’s parents who were visiting from the States. We had some special times together especially on Sundays. Being with Mother Elvira all this time made me really appreciate always more the gift that she is for all of us. It helped me also to understand her charisma even better. I learned a lot seeing her and the way she handled many situations in different places. Seeing the poverty of Peru makes you really appreciate the great gift that we have in our country and how much we do not need to complain. Even now that we are living some hard economic times, we still have way too much.
Like I had said before, I did get back in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with my wife and all the guys from the Community. They had a great time! First they had Mass with the Bishop Galeone in Community, and then they all came over to our house for Thanksgiving day. We had so much food prepared by loving hands of different people. We had four turkeys, 2 smoked, 1 baked, and 1 fried! As usual, the Wallers were with us and were a huge help. The guys then went to the beach. Even with 40 degree weather, they jumped into the ocean. It was a nice Thanksgiving, and all the guys seemed to be happy!
It has been a time of changes in the houses MI and OLOH and pretty much now everyone seems pretty settled. At OLOH the guys they have taken everything apart. The tent and stage are all down. Now pretty much we are working on landscaping and gardening and other projects. At M I we are working in the dormitory and making progress in the old house. We are also working hard clearing part of the land and garden. In Florida the weather has been gorgeous wit clear skies and a cool breeze–no bugs!
At SMG we had the first girl come for orientation. Hopefully she will enter this week. Her name is Ashley. We have another girl coming in this week for orientation. The girl’s house is a very new project. It will take time to take off, but I see a lot of good will among the girls to get started, and the house is looking prettier every day! They did go the conference and did a great job in their dance, testimonies, and singing, and it was good for them! They had their first Thanksgiving at home and the Americans (Lindsey, Kathleen, Lauren,) prepared the meal! We have received another sewing machine with a quilt frame. In the meantime, it looks like we will be given a van. Providence is taking care of it, so we will have a very dependable and reliable vehicle. God’s Providence is always a step ahead.
About Christmas gifts for the guys, this year we can do shoes for work and sports, one pair each. Also do not think only about your son but also about all those that do not have parents to send their gift. For those who have their son is in Europe, do NOT send any gifts over there because it will cost more that what the gift is worth. They charge a duty in Europe, and the Community there will not pay it. It will be sent back! Just send a card now. Later you can send a gift to the Talleyrand address, and I will take the gift in January when I will go over! If you want to make a gift to the Community, remember that the gift cards to Home Depot and Lowes can be used for building supplies.
**I did receive news from Italy that some of the guys that went to Europe last week had been transferred. Matt, Colin and Joel went to Mediugorie, Frank went to Lourdes, Joe C went to Loreto, Jonathan went to Casaleggio, a house close to Milan, the others are still in Saluzzo and thay had seen the first snow of the year!


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