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Sep 7, 2008

Well, it looks like the storms so far are coming close but not directly hitting, thank God, but the weather has been very humid, hot, and sticky, especially at Mary Immaculate where it’s more isolated and forestry! So far, it has been a time of challenge, like every summer when the weather gets very hot in Florida and our guys have more problems, but we will get through it. The worst will be over at the end of September.

RosaryAt OLOH all our energy is focused on the preparation for the Festival of Life at the end of October. Each day is a battle with the weather, trying to put up our tent. For now, we are only covering the stage, so that we can build the set. We were able to go up to a certain height and start building the set. That way they can rehearse for our show this year, “Rejoice in Hope.”

All these challenges are a part of life, and they are natural ways that our guys have an opportunity to work through difficulties, obstacles,and set backs that are just a part of life. They have to learn that life is not always easy, but they have to be able to handle these difficulties in peace. You know that your sons were never able to handle any stress or difficulty at all. That is why Mother Elvira says that Cenacolo is a “school of life.”

We are getting close to our 15 years anniversary. There are many of the same challenges and needs, but also there are different ones than in our first years here when we had just a few guys. Everything multiplies but the Community teaches us to do one thing at the time and try to do it better.

In the meantime, guys are coming for orientation. A few guys are working at the house of St. Maria Goretti to finish tiling an
outbuilding and finish the driveway. We also want to put a fence around the property before the girls come. They will come from Europe sometimein October to open the house. It is a very special time. We can see
everything that we have worked hard for now coming together with our strength and our own poverties.

Comunita CenacoloAt Mary Immaculate we have started work on the big out building. We moved all the tools into a big storage container that we have rented for the time we will be under construction. The guys are doing real well over there. There is a good feeling in the house. The environment is very peaceful. It’s now the house that is more isolated and remote, like OLOH used to be years ago. The only bad part is the mosquitoes that are ferocious, especially now after the tropical storm Fay. Some families sent us some bug spray, and we need it a lot! Bug spray doesn’t last long there, because there are a lot of mosquitoes, and the guys work outside all the time. We are very grateful to those that sent it!

Continue to pray for us for protection from the weather. Please make plans to come for the Fall Parents and Families Retreat and Festival of Life on October 24-26. Mother Elvira is definitely coming. We have not had her here in Florida for the last 5 years, and she probably will not come again. This is a very special opportunity to be with her. You will always remember it. Please extend the invitation to all those that are interested to know her. It is not every day that you can be with someone that God chose to do a special work for Him in many countries in the world. Please check the info online and check with the Regional Contact of your area!



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