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In occasions of the “22nd Youth Meeting” we were invited to the Sanctuary in Pompei to perform our biblical presentation.  Many young people were already there with their parish priests or catechist nuns.  The day of the recital started with a meeting of prayer in a few of the squares in the city, in which we participated with our joy and our “famous” colorful hands which always bring joy and smiles to those who see us.  Then we participated in the Holy Mass.  In the afternoon the festival in the square of the Cathedral began with music and dancers.  We concluded the day with a moment of prayer including profound intentions which touched the hearts of all those present.  Then came the time for the recital.  Mother Elvira, who was not present in Pompei, called us right before we started and invited us to be true testimonies of the resurrection to bring a smile and give hope to all young people.  She was sure that Our Lady of the Rosary would guide the recital.  The atmosphere was immediately charged with joy and enthusiasm.  The recital went very well.
Fifteen days after, in occasion of the “Marian Eucharistic Week” we were invited to Foggia to bring out recital and our testimony.  The beautiful “piazza Cavour”, in the center of the city, was the place chosen for the recital.  Our assembly team was touched by the attention and availability of the organizers.  Saturday evening starting with singing and testimonies that made people smile and also reflect.  The Mass was held in the square and there were many priests present.  During the recital the square was filled with people, who were engrossed by the scene of the miracles, but above all by the death and resurrection of Jesus.  The joyful dance of the angels with the flaming torches moved everyone.  We were very happy to have brought a little joy and hope to the city of Foggia and to all of the people that saw the recital.  Providence had allowed us to spend a day as pilgrims at Saint Giovanni Rotondo.  During the visit to the sanctuary we had the possibility of kneeling before the body of Padre Pio.  United in prayer we asked just one grace: the healing of Angelique, who was gravely wounded in the car accident in Lourdes.  It was nice to see how Jesus allowed us to rest in prayer, calmly, to be able to ask with faith this grace from our beloved Padre Pio.  Then we departed for Saluzzo, as always amazed by the Lord’s goodness who chose each one of us to testify of Him.

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