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Pentecost 2008 in Saluzzo

Pentecost 2008 in Saluzzo: Missionary Blessing
The Sunday of Pentecost in Saluzzo at the Mother House of Cenacolo, during the Eucharistic Adoration many young people and two consecrated sisters received the blessing for the next departure for the missions in Latin America.
With much generosity these young people have said “here I am” to serve the children of the streets that they will reach in a few days.
We thank Mons. Giuseppe Guerrini, who celebrated the Holy Mass in which the brothers and sisters of Cenacolo renewed their annual and perpetual vows.  Also two of the brothers were admitted to the Sacred Orders.  We thank all of the friends and parents that prayed with us on this day.
From Mother Elvira’s words:
“…let’s look at Jesus, the center of history, the center of life, the center of the cosmos, and the center of our hearts.  Let’s look at Jesus, look at Jesus, let’s ask Jesus: are you happy with me?  With truth, with humility, with peace, Jesus wants to say something to everyone, to each one of us.  Let’s listen to the voice of Jesus, who is amongst us, He speaks to our hearts; He speaks and looks inside our hearts.  He wants to tell us something important today because this is an extraordinary moment.  Jesus we contemplate You amongst us, in a piece of bread, Your humility is great.  Jesus we believe that You are true, real, and alive today in this moment, amongst us and You want to speak to us,You want to speak to our hearts and we want to listen to that jump that we will feel from You.  Jesus, thank you, thank you because You never become tired of being with us, thank you because You are faithful, thank you Lord Jesus”. 

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