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"St.Augustine" May 2008

Another week passed by, and I was very happy to see how much progress we have made in our new kitchen of OLOH. We pretty much finished laying all the tile on the walls, a new tile floor has been installed, and a new pantry next door. We moved in the stove and stainless steel shelf and counters. Our cooks (Michael and Jonathan) are overjoyed that finally they are back inside and donít need to cook anymore at the brick oven! For sure our project is not done yet, because we still have to finish the laundry area and do some work inside the dining area. But we are getting close to get everything done! It is nice to see what the guys are able to do, but itís always a challenge to keep to a schedule. I remember speaking with the older guys, and they were telling me that it would take 2 to 3 weeks to redo the kitchen. Instead it took almost 2 months! But little by little we are learning. That is why we do not want to start more projects before we finish what we have started!
Also the guys going to the International Eucharistic Congress in Quebec are very busy with rehearsing music and dancing, because we are down to a month and there is still a lot to be prepared! It is such a big event and honor to be invited, and we really want to do something special. We will be flying to NH and then driving there.
We would really appreciate support from the families in the area if they can help with transportation to Quebec city! It looks like we might have a priest and two sisters from our Community coming. They will give us a hand and are very grateful for it!
We have a new guy from MI, Matthew C. At Mary Immaculate the guys are also busy doing bracelets, rosaries, key chains, to take with us in Quebec because we will have our table with items weíve made! The garden there also is looking very good. We just need to get some rain. It has been very dry lately and very windy. Itís the perfect condition for fires, unfortunately!
Jeremyís father is doing an experience. He is participating very well in the Communityís life and is helping the guys to fix a lot of broken machinery and tools!
Jenny and JonathanThe wedding of Jonathan and Jenny went very well. The guys that went to sing really had a special time. The town where it took place was beautiful, too. I think the wedding was a beautiful testimony of transformed lives, and it was a very loving celebration. We pray that they will be blessed with many children and be an example for many people!
Pentecost in Europe was mark from a tragedy that happened just outside Lourdes! A van with nine girls from the houses of Lourdes went off road and two girls were killed. Everyone else ended up in the hospital. The driver was one of our Sisters. One of the girls that died was from France and the other one was from Spain. Please keep everyone in your prayers, especially their families, the girls who are recovering, and the other girls in the house. All our Community is going through a lot right now.
In Italy the guys did another show a Foggia very close to the home town of Padre Pio, San Giovanni Rotondo. Hopefully, they had the time to visit the sanctuary.
Jenny and Jonathan
Jenny and Jonathan

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