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Inauguration of the new offices

Everything started a few months ago when Mother Elvira remembered the “old” plans for the “Village of Peace”.   She had already thought of having offices in the “old farmhouse” to accelerate and increase the organization of the many daily situations pertaining to all of our houses.  So, a group of young guys worked hard in these months to finish everything.  Divine Providence confirmed that the right time had arrived: desks and used furniture started to arrive and were patiently restored to “like new” conditions with excellent results. 

On Sunday, the feast of the Divine Mercy, we blessed the rooms which will be used as offices to serve and better organize the life of our houses in a simple, yet important moment together.  Mother Elvira reminded us that it is not enough just the efficiency of the office equipment, but also that of our hearts: and this depends on us, on the amount of love with which we carry out our daily activities.  We thank the guys who worked hard and the Divine Providence which accompanied us.

We ask the Lord that the service in the office is not only technologically better organized, but also a heart that loves and that sees the true necessities of our fraternities and of all of the people that write and telephone.

Let Our Lady accompany us in this “new beginning”, so that it will be a sign of qualified service full of hope.




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