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"St.Augustine" April 2008

Time is passing so quickly, and life here is so full that I could write a new message every day—but I am too busy to do it! What a joy to be able to see everything that the Community is doing for so many young people. First I want to start with what happened in Rome at the Congress of Mercy. A big group of people from Comunita Cenacolo were there to testify that through God’s mercy we are alive again!
Well, Mother Elvira was one of the speakers, and she did a phenomenal job. Also one night the guys did the show “Be Not Afraid” in Piazza Navona in Rome. This square (piazza) in Rome is a famous one where tourists always go. It is filled with regular people from Rome, too, and also the not so regular people, the drug addicts. What a place for the Community to put on this show and to give testimonies! Brendon’s father was there, and he left a message just when the show was over. He said that the people gave a standing ovation to the guys. Bishops, Cardinals, and local authorities saw the show along with all the people packed into the piazza. At the end Mother talked to the crowd, in the way only she can do, about the miracle of God that addicts were presenting the Gospel story because they had lived the story of death and new life in their own lives. Then she told that they had been seeing a show about the mercy of God that came to us in Jesus, but that Jesus Himself was waiting inside the Churches for everybody. The churches in the area were open, with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, because of the Congress of Mercy. She got people to go inside the Churches in the area to adore Jesus in the Real Presence! Brendon’s dad said that it was an incredible night! Our Joe S., who played the part of Jesus, received a lot of compliments! Pray that it all really makes his love for God bigger, not his pride bigger!
Here in Florida we were sorry that we were not able to have our show on the First Saturday because the weather was storming with lightening. We tried again on Sunday night, but the soundboard wasn’t working, so we couldn’t do it. That’s it for now. We’ll begin again with new scenes for October. The guys were disappointed, and so was I because they really worked hard, but we could not do anything about it. Now we are starting to take everything down. It is a lot of work, but work it very, very good for us!
A new project is the kitchen. It has taken a good beating over almost 15 years, being used every day for so many people. The guys are excited about the work. We have a lot of enthusiasm in the Community. We see a lot of life!
We are also happy to have 5 guys go to Ireland: Blake C., Jonathan L., Andrew P. Jorge, and Christopher. When they found out at the last minute they were very happy and excited. They were a little scared but ready for the move. They received some good “help” from their brothers before they left, and they left with a lot of prayer and with a lot of love that I know they could feel. They know that they are loved here. One of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal was here to give us a retreat, so they received a special blessing! I got a call from our house in Ireland to say that they arrived safely…a new chapter in the book of new life for each of them.
Like I was saying, we were very pleased to have Father Glenn from the CFR’s here to give a three day retreat with the Liturgy of the Hours, catechesis, Mass, Confession, and Adoration. One of the times of Adoration was a Eucharistic healing service. It was very special, and the guys were really touched. I was a little concerned about the new guys, that maybe would be too much, but instead they really listened, spent time speaking with him, and participated very well. It was really a blessing!
The trip to Birmingham was very good. I had a chance to visit the monastery in Hanceville. It is really beautiful. It reminded me a little bit of Italy. We have some people really want Comunita Cenacolo in the area. Let’s see what the Lord will tell us.
Grazie ciao

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