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"St.Augustine" March 2008

Get Ready

We are in March, and in a little while it will be spring already in Florida.
The weather has been up and down, sometimes already hot like in summer and sometimes really cold and with a lot of wind. It seems that a big storm comes every time we set up our tent! We already had a few very good tests for our structure from storms. This year the tent structure is even prettier and more sophisticated. On the First Saturday, we were able to have a wonderful Adoration and then have the show that will be performed over the parents meeting. It was a nice rehearsal, and the guys did a great job.A lot of people came to see the show, more than we thought. We still have room for improving it, but it was pretty impressive!

The family retreat weekend is coming up, and there is a lot of excitement. I am sure in you families are a little nervous but excited, too. The guys are here waiting to see you and show that they are changing from before. We really ask you to participate in the retreat, open you heart to God, and try to understand more what Comunita Cenacolo is all about. It is very important for your son and for you, even if you don’t feel that you have the need. There is not better place than a retreat.

For those that do not know, the dates are 14-16 at Marywood Retreat Center in Jacksonville, starting at 5pm. Just to give you some last minute information. For those staying at Camp St. John, please bring your pillow and linens and blanket because it will not be provided. Also if you desire visit the Community please do but do not go in the house where your son is currently staying. Please also do not bring stuff for your son because he does not need anything, but focus on bringing stuff useful for the Community like groceries, household cleaners, and other articles that everyone needs in a home. As you know, we live with Divine Providence, and everyone can become Providence for the Community, so we really encourage you to do that.
The guys that are in Europe are doing fine. This year many of them will go to Rome for the Congress of Mercy in the beginning of April where they will perform the show “ Be Not Afraid” in one of the very popular squares of Rome “ piazza Navona.”

I was able to speak with our house in Peru, and Tim and Dan are doing fine so far. Dan is still in the house in Villa Salvador, the very poor area, where the little kids are. Tim is at the big farm an hour away with the adolescents. Just recently 10 children from the house of Villa Salvador were moved to the new house Ray of Light, the one that was purchased in December. So now we have more room to welcome more children in our mission there.

Bishop Baker is traveling in Argentina with other American bishops. He was able to see some of the guys from our Community there at the local shire of Lujan. I am very happy about this!

Please remember the Festival of Life in Italy on July 10-14. Then we are planning to go to Lourdes with Bishop Baker for few days! Let us know if you want to join us.

Peter L called and asked to return to Community. Thank you for all your prayers for him. Keep praying so he can get overseas without any problems.



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