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The new fraternity in Peru

Villa Salvador – Lima- Peru
December 2007

Returning home after these months in the missions, we are extremely grateful to God and to all of you for the birth of the new mission in Peru, "Ray of Light". I get back into the mission in the "Mother House", with enriched and strengthened certainty that faith is the only true wealth: "who trusts in God, will not be deluded".
Thank you for everything and for always!

                                                       Padre Stefano

Dear Mother Elvira and all of you truly loved guys and girls, parents, and friends of this great family of Cenacolo, we are united here with all our young missionaries from South America to  pray, sing, dance, suffer, fight, and grow together in the discovery of the most beautiful reality in the world: learning to love.
The news of God's story in Cenacolo continues to arrive one after another and after nonstop visits to our various missions in South America, I find myself here again in Peru to welcome and preserve the life of the newest house opened a few days ago, which is like a new born child opening their eyes in amazement and filling our missionaries' hearts with joy who still cannot believe this new birth.
Well yes: thanks to the confirmation of Providence and to all the generous help from many of you, we have done it;" WE ANNOUNCE WITH GREAT JOY: WE ARE IN THE NEW HOUSE!!!"
It was truly a miraculous birth: until now it took at least 9 months to give birth to a child, but this house was born in one month, in a hurry, and already in good shape. This goes to show that the Love of God, when united with our enthusiastic "yes", gives birth to children in one month: WHAT A MIRACLE!!!
During Mother Elvira's visit here in Perù, with her attentive and maternal eyes, she recognized a few real necessities for the children and the youth.  A volcano of the Holy Spirit was unleashed … which gave birth to the miracle of life.
On December 12, the feast of the Virgen of Guadalupe, we entered into the new mission with a simple, yet touching Mass celebrated in the garden of the new house, among the happy children running around amazed by the green grass, the flowers, and the nature.
To thank Mary, we put a statue of the Virgen of Guadalupe (which miraculously I was able to carry with me from Mexico) to welcome those who enter the gates of this "small Paradise" that we baptized: "Fraternity RAYO DE LUZ – RAY OF LIGHT", because it is a place where you feel God's Light present and alive.
Now here it is the middle of the night, I am exhausted yet truly happy for the missionaries and the children who were amazed by this great gift of Providence, which also this time around did not miss the appointment and like always behaved like a great and beautiful Lady, who loves to do things right!!  I am also very happy for many of you who were involved in this project in many different ways, becoming participants in this miracle of Providence, a symphony made up of many gestures of love!!!!!!!
Now I say goodbye: a hug and a great thank you to everyone and to you Mother Elvira in a special way…..WE LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR THE TRUST YOU HAVE IN US!
Ah, I almost forgot: Don't think about going on vacation……It is not finished: there is another house to open in Mexico for youth, another in Argentina because the present house is exploding with life, and the new house in Perù needs to be broadened, fixed up, and furnished for the children…  Don't believe that this is the end: we are just at the beginning!!! I wish that Our Lady rewards you and allows you to feel all of our GRATITUDE and our TRUE LOVE.
We will see you all very soon! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
                   Father Stefano and all of the missionaries of the Comunità Cenacolo

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