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"St.Augustine" January 2008

Our New Year Begins
Jan 13, 2008 in Community News

This New Year had started with a very fast pace. The last couple weeks were very, very busy in our houses. First of all we had our two missionaries Dan N. and Tim C. leaving to go to Peru. It was a very special time because they received the “blessing” at the First Saturday Adoration, sending them as missionaries to the children and giving them the Community missionary cross to wear. It was a very moving evening for all the guys. We hope that in the future we will have more guys deciding to go to the missions. Last Tuesday they left direct to Lima, and they arrived safely. Tim was sent to the house close to the mountains (St.Eudalia) an hour outside Lima where the adolescents are, and Dan is in Villa Salvador, the house in the very, very poor area where the babies and little children are. We are expanding the house, so a few of our guys are working there. There is a lot of work to do. Also the third house in Peru, the one that was just purchased in December, has a lot going on. We are doing some inside work, and our Sisters are already settled there. The children will move in this coming week. I take also the opportunity to thank all those that have contributed toward “Project Peru.”

Another change was Christoph leaving for good to go back to Austria to begin his new life outside the Community. We were sad to see him go because he had been a good leader, and also he is grieving the death of his mom that just passed away in December. But this is Community, and we always adjust and move forward with what we have. Now we have created the team in leadership at Our Lady of Hope of David, Blake, and Jeff. They have a lot of Community experience, and they will grow in taking responsibility.

Also this week we had guys enter: Carl (FL), Ryan (NJ), Frank (NJ), and Edwin (CA). The first two were sent to Mary Immaculate and the other two are at OLOH.

At OLOH also we have started “tipografia” like we call it in Italy. We are using one room in the apartment. David C. and Andrew C. are working on the computers doing video editing, graphic design, and digital music to put together some CD’s and DVD’s for the Community. There is a lot to learn and lot to do. We have some equipment, but for sure it can be improved. We hope to be able to make a live music CD and translate and record more Sister Elvira’s tapes. The first project is making a short DVD to show at Mother Elvira’s birthday next week.
Working at St. Maria Goretti are Denis, Matt, and Paul. They are doing some work outside and screening the porch. The house looks very good. The only other thing that we want to do is put a gate to secure more the place.

At Mary Immaculate we are working a lot clearing the soccer field. It is a great time to work in the woods because is winter, cool weather and no mosquitoes. Christopher is guardian angel of Carl! I said that because Christopher is not a talker, but now he has to explain and overcome his timidity to be with a new guy. Hopefully it will be good for him. John is with Frank. Also here there is a lot of work, and we keep on going with the projects. We hope to be working on the bigger project soon, because the need is great and space in our Community is always limited.

Providence just sent us a great truck, super nice and super clean, able to pull the trailer very safely. It is so nice and powerful that we are afraid to have the guys drive it! We are waiting a moment before they will use it, because our guys are pretty rough in everything they do, but we are very grateful for the gift! We have never had a vehicle as new and dependable as this one. Usually our cars and trucks are struggling.

We were sorry to see Peter and Joseph leave. Alan also will go home for a verifica and to take care of a lot health issues after he spent several days in the hospital another time.
We are on for EWTN “Life on the Rock” on the last Thursday of the month, January 31. We hope to take 10 guys with us to be part of the audience, and we will try to sing few songs, too. Bishop Baker also will be part of the show.

I will be going to Italy for Mother Elvira’s birthday. It is always a great event. I will take Luke and Lyle with me. I will be away for 10 days, because my father is in the hospital with a bad infection. We are praying that it will clear up soon; otherwise he will need surgery. Joyce will be here to help and cover for me. Our office is getting busier all the time. These last two months have been very busy. Sorry if we are struggling to get back to your calls and emails, but we are on overload!

Remember the dates for the Lent Parents and Families Retreat, March 14-16 at Camp St. John and Marywood Retreat Center in Jacksonville. It is a beautiful retreat center.

The dates for the Festival of Life in Italy are July 10-14. It is our 25th anniversary, so it will be a very special Festival. Try to come, even if your son is not there and even if he has exited the Community!

Hope everyone takes a look at our new website. It should navigate easier because some improvements were made. Let us know what you think.


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