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Christmas Festival in Cuneo

After Mother Elvira’s introduction in the morning, which gave us much peace and hope for our future, and after the Holy Mass, we concluded the festival with the presentation of the living Nativity scene, after which… everyone hurried home because Providence gave us the gift of the first snow fall this year… a true Christmas!
In the past, we have lived many empty and superficial Christmas seasons emphasizing the importance of material things and forgetting how much  more precious life really is. Now, the focus of the festival is our life renewed in Jesus’ Love.  The festival brought together various European countries and also included the missions for which the Community’s youth and parents organized a table for selling crafts and holding a lottery to help support them.
We wish a Merry Christmas to our families who got together with Mother Elvira and many guys and girls from the Community at Cuneo’s sports arena, for the traditional end of the year meeting.
Parents and children were able to wish each other a Merry Christmas. We are grateful to have this encounter in the peaceful community atmosphere of prayer and joy which is always a gift of healing and hope for our families.

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