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Bishop Robert Baker as Bishop of Birmingham








On October 1, a group of our guys went to Birmingham, AL to attend the installation of Bishop Robert Baker as Bishop of Birmingham.  Our group was hosted  by a local Deacon Terry Rumore and his wife Rita of Pell City, AL.  They very graciously opened their beautiful home to all of us and treated us like family-very warm and loving people of God.  An Irish priest was also staying at their residence and we were able to celebrate Mass at the home on Tuesday morning.
Later we traveled to the Cathedral and participated in the beautiful installation ceremony and Mass.  The singing throughout was magnificent-it reminded us of how rich and deep our Church and faith are!   We have never seen so many bishops from all over the country and clergy in one place before!  Archbishop Pietro Sambi, Apostolic Nuncio to the United States presented the Apostolic Mandate that appointed the Bishop.
After the Mass, Bishop Baker greeted and hugged each of the guys and spoke with them. Our guys gave him a crucifix that they had made for him and his love and enthusiasm for our group was evident!!!
Another gift of providence came the following day-the Bishop had arranged for the group to attend Mass, have breakfast and tour EWTN.  We were then invited to a reception at the Bishop’s house, along with other friends and family members.  I took 3 guys with me to Atlanta to speak at a Catholic Doctors conference and the other men returned to St Augustine. 
The entire trip was grace filled and inspiring to all of us.  We returned renewed in spirit and very grateful for God’s providence in our live


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