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The Black Madonna, Queen of Poland, has once again called us to her via the streets of Poland.  A group of nearly fifty men and women from various houses of Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, and Poland, found themselves in our fraternity “Blessed Caroline” in the city of Tarnow, where every year a diocesan pilgrimage departs for Czestochowa.  Everything is always very well organized so that for nine days we, together with more than eight thousand youth, walk towards the most significant sanctuary of the Polish nation. 
Each year more than four million pilgrims arrive to the sanctuary so they can entrust themselves to the Madonna. We thank the friends of the diocese of Tarnow who invited us to take part in their pilgrimage.  We are gracious for the joy and faith that we shared and for the unique experience of arriving together on foot to the icon of the Black Madonna, entrusting not only ourselves but our entire Community and those we hold dear.

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