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"St.Augustine" August 2007

We can feel the Florida summer now, with 95 degrees and a lot of humidity. We have had a lot of rain lately so at least when rains it cool off a bit. It has been a busy time working with all our projects and everything we have going on in the three houses.
At OLOH we still work in the garden, but we are getting only poor veggies because of the time of the year. We are just cleaning up the weeds that are growing like crazy because of the rain.
We are beginning to prepare for our Festival of Life. This year it will be even more of a challenge because we do not have much talents, but it is always good to take the challenge no matter what the results will be. We have a lot in our plate, and we will try to do our best!
We had a guy enter name Vinny from Quebec and another will enter at Mary Immaculate this week.
A new cook, Blake (TX), is in the kitchen at OLOH. He spent three weeks with Joe. Joe S. (TN) is on verifica now and will go to Italy after verifica. We had a nice celebration on Saturday where we showed some of the photos and videos from the Festival of Life in Italy. Then we gave “help” to Joe before he left with his mom to go home. It was good and very real! Paul F. came back from his verifica, and he is here in FL now. Josh K., after his verifica, decided to stay home and get going with his life because he did not want take any more responsibilities in Community, saying that was too much for him. We were sorry to see him thinking so selfishly. People are able to come into Community because of many guys who say “yes” to taking responsibility and try to help others, like they have been helped before. If people thought in a selfish way, there would not be guys in Community to welcome and help the new guys that need to come in. In Community throughout the years, we live a lot of joy and a lot of disappointment, but the disappointment does not stop us.
We are starting to do orientations again but with moderation because we do not have much room. At Santa Maria Goretti, the guys are working hard. Hopefully we will get it finished soon. Heavy equipment is there to do the grading and sidewalk around the house and the driveway. The guys are finishing the siding and drywall on the new building. We have a new cook ( Christopher NH), and today was his first day in the kitchen. He did a pretty good. Giacinto is still working on the mosaic, and it is looking good.
At Mary Immaculate the guys are working on a lot in different projects, including building a new workshop that also can be used as storage. They have gotten a lot of rain and everything looks very green. They have a new cook, too. Warren is in, and they are ready for some good soul food.
At the Youth Festival in Medjugorje the guys presented the same show they did in Italy, "Be Not Afraid". I am sure it was a great success in front of the gathering of at least 30,000 youth. It Italy our "Tipografia" was able to organize itself to translate our Italian magazine (Risurrezzione) into 8 different languages, all available through the Italian web site The English version is available on the site. Please take your time to read and spread the word of hope and evangelization.
We are in need of some tech people to help us get some equipment and materials for some of the work we want to do. Please email me.
Our cars are not in great shape and neither is the truck. Plus in the future we also will need transportation for the girls, so keep your eyes open for some good deals or vehicles that can be gifts to the Community. Please keep praying for us and what we have to do and do not forget what you have learned in community.


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