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Milan Flower Festival

Catering by Bio
Comunità Cenacolo was chosen by the organizers of the Milan Flower Festival.
Cloti Gallizia, coordinator for special catering and collaborator for the laboratories of the girls’ homes of Comunità Cenacolo, recounts:
We came up with the idea of catering so that we may give providence; the essence of our “work” is not to ask for monies from the State or from the families.  We do our work with love and professionalism because it is something we do not for ourselves but for the Community, and this is the image that we wish to portray.  And so we have become even more responsible even to the point that some of us have taken cooking courses.  We are a group of 40 people, friends and volunteers, who have put our ideas together so that we may offer this service. 
The theme this year was everything biological.  We prepared cocktails, tarts, shishkabobs with a variety of vegetables, vegetarian meals and appetizers of vegetables with cheese, prosciutto and cold cuts.

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