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Many young people, in these last few years, even though they don’t come from dramatic experiences of isolation, have asked to spend a period of time with us.
Based on our past experience, we ask for a minimum time period of at least 45 days, so that the time spent with us would not be just one more experience, but would leave a profound mark on your heart and would be the beginning of a journey of true conversion and faith.
A period of time spent in Community is advised particularly for the wives/girlfriends who have their husband/fiancé in the Cenacolo, in order to see from inside that which the other “half” is learning, to then be able to walk beside that beloved person in the right direction.
Also for those who ask to spend a period of time in the mission houses, it is necessary to spend a period of time in Community life, to avoid a departure without a good preparation and knowledge of our style of life and of service.
For those young people who feel attracted by the charism of the Community and feel an interior call to a journey of religious consecration, we ask a verification in a concrete way in the "fields," that is, a period of at least 3 months sharing the life in one of our Fraternities.
We believe that this is the best and most concrete way to verify one’s own call.
In the period of experience the young man/woman participates fully in the life of the Fraternity, without "escapes" or "shortcuts," in his/her moments of prayer, of sharing, of the "revision of life" (a type of group sharing) and of work.
We believe that this is a reliable way of seriously listening to the word of God: a day marked by prayer and by work, in the concrete lifestyle of a fraternal communion which does not allow you to "escape" from yourself, but helps you to look inside yourself and above all to meet the Lord in your own personal path.

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