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There was a time...

Personally, it’s dear to me to make evident to those who will read this that one can quit drugs - but with the strength of a radical over-turning of existential values - that is to say, it happens that we exhume from our past the buried values of life, faith, sacrifice, honesty, truth, and prayer… to be able to fully “live” the present and reconstruct man in his dignity.
The Community always reduces our needs, which increase everyday in our consumerist society that is made to “bury” man - who, in reality, is born to be free. This “making less from more” makes man emerge as a person with his entire valor - physical, psychological, and spiritual - in a surge where he no longer identifies himself as “what he produces” (for which man is measured in his efficiency), but as “who he is.”
It then becomes spontaneous for us to feel our “sister” nature and to be in agreement with its precise and harmonious laws of life, according to the impulse given to it by the Creator, who wanted it to be a serene and welcoming environment for His children.
All this silence that is imposed on the false voices of the shouted needs of society, in view of a profound listening to the truth and to life, is lived by our Community in a context of fraternity, work, and prayer - these our the propositions that we offer to the youth that decide to return to life.
Through speaking, reciprocal help, and not being judged by your brothers, the young man whom drugs have destroyed, little by little, discovers himself as a member of a Community/family; while he builds a wall, or when he commits himself to any type of job, he re-builds himself and feels like an honest and useful citizen of society. By means of personal and communitarian prayer, he blooms because it is in that prayer that he encounters He who is the fountain of life, He who died and rose again to transmit to him again his very own life and bring him back to his dignity as a “child of God.”
We truly search to unify these three large propositions by allowing that the prayer may become life lived, and that community life and the life of each person may become prayer; because we believe that the personality of man expresses itself best in the unity among the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects that compose it.
This is the daily and tireless effort that characterizes our Community of faith, born from the torn Heart of Christ, present in the Eucharist.
Sr. Elvira

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