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Cinzia and Marco

“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light.” (1 Pt 2:9)

We are Cinzia and Marco, and with our four children we are one of the families that live in Community. Both of us did our community walk, and in those years we knew each other by sight. Then we were together in Brazil - Marco to construct the houses that welcomed the children from the streets, and Cinzia to take care of those that the mission had already welcomed. It’s not like there was much harmony between us; at first sight, it seemed that we were two very different people characteristically. Then, however, living together in the same fraternity and sharing the joys and sufferings that the mission makes you live everyday gave us the opportunity to discover many things that we had in common - in particular, the fact that both of us, in our personal prayer, were asking the gift to fall in love with someone who desired to stay in Community for the rest of his/her life. One day, during a conversation, we spoke with each other about simple things; but then there was something different - we were looking at each other almost as if to say, “But it couldn’t possibly be him/her, could it?”
Anyways, life continued on tranquilly; Marco returned to Italy, Cinzia remained in Brazil. A “trans-ocean” correspondence had begun. In those times we persisted in prayer and entrusted this to the Lord, to Maria, and to Mother Elvira, with lots of help.  In the end we got married, and today we are here with Daniele, Francesco, Aurora, and Chiara. The conviction that the Community was the place where our life was fulfilled is still strong - the fact that we had both chosen the Community already before being married was fundamental because the sacrifices, renouncements, and the changes that the family life of Cenacolo bring are truly many; and no human love can by itself give you the strength to confront everything.
The beauty of the Community is that it never makes you stop; you arrive at one finish line, but immediately you see another on the horizon. The walk never finishes, and you discover inside of yourself a universe in continual evolution. The same happens for the people that are near you - guys, girls, and children. Struggling with them to find again the joy of being alive, sharing your experience in order to make hope grow, and tasting the simplicity of this life with children that the Lord gives you in order to materialize that Christian ideal that we breathe everyday - all are gifts that the Lord makes us experience right here, where His heart overflows with mercy and transforms everything into goodness. This comforts us and gives us the security that here also our children will be able to grow their roots on good land.
We thank God because He listened to our prayers and fulfilled much more than that which we dared to hope for our lives.

(from "Resurrezione" magazine - September 2007)

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