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My name is Wojciech ,I am twenty-two ,I come from Poland  and with great joy I wish to  testimony the hope, freedom and new life I found in the Community.
My two sisters  and I were brought up in true Faith: we went to the Holy Mass  and we prayed together .I was the younger  but I was a good boy and I was happy. My problems started when I started to steal some money to my sister and I had to lie . I did so because I wanted to impress my friends : I wanted to buy their friendship and respect. As time went by  what I had was not enough so  I  chose the company of elder boys. Prayer became an obstacle to my bad dreams so I left all that my family had taught me. I was false and an hypocrite ,I refused to speak with those who loved me. When alcohol and addictions took posses of me little by little all my illusions and false certainties  fell to pieces. I was sad, I had rows with my parents, I saw them desperate, I experienced hell. My mum’s tears  pushed me to react, I realized I was wrong and slave of evil.  I was proud and I didn’t want to be helped but I couldn’t make it by myself. One day I  asked a priest for help and he showed me the right way .All my family  pushed me to enter the Community: since the first meetings and then since the first days spent working  in my brotherhood I felt a great peace I was unable to explain: I felt loved, loved for free.  I felt stronger, and it was really beautiful to live in truth. I was amazed by the smile of the “old” boys, by their eyes .I wanted to become like them: a simple and free boy. It was hard for me because  I was afraid to make mistakes and because I didn’t want to accept my past. During my walk I lived two very strong moments that really pushed me on. First of all  when I met mother Elvira: her eyes and her smile really moved me. When she hugged me she said:” You must smile, Jesus loves you!”. The second was when I went home for  my “verifica”(meeting my  family) :my parents and sisters’ examples in prayer and their walk  with the Community hit my heart. At last what I was living was true: I had found  the freedom I had looked for so long while I was a slave of evil.
But the main thing was I had found my true friend: Jesus. He helps me to find joy in simple and everyday things, to go on and to accept myself as I am, embracing my past and living  today with joy.
I’m really grateful to God for my life and for the gift of being Catholic. I feel no more alone and I’m happy to share my life with so many brothers and sisters  who help me to walk towards light.

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