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My name is Antonello and Iím alive because Iíve been in  the Cenacolo Community for a few years. I never fancied to stay so long, I used to say to myself: ďIíll do the Community once, well and  after three years Iíll leave.Ē Then, as time went by, I thought: ďThis is not a prison. I must walk in  freedom and in light, which takes time.Ē I didnít mean to stay to make my parents happy or to reach  a goal outside of me  : with great labour but also with great joy, I knocked down  that wall of human limits and today I can say that Iím a free boy, full of peace  and joy even though  things not always go as I would like them to go and  what I wish does not occur exactly when I expect. The freedom that I found here , thanks to a  walk of Faith and prayer, helps me to overcome my pleasures and teaches me  to live well the present time leading a simple and clean life which fills my heart with peace. Actually itís still difficult for me to believe in my conversion when I think about my past made of night life and darkness. I was addicted for many years  and at the very beginning that made me feel well. Then those drugs became an instrument in the hands of evil which possessed me more and more and  chocked me with its mud; I was like an ill ďpawnĒ in a macabre game, cause of pain  and darkness for me and the others. When I started with heroine  I had big problems: I started to steal, to become  violent, to do shameful things I do not even dare to speak of. Then my parents found everything out. That was a disaster: I saw them plunge into despair, grief and disillusionment  .So I went to live on the road, I lost my job, my friends, all I had. I wandered through the streets and squares of my city, with no dignity, sad and desperate, I felt  humiliated for  having destroyed a family that had given me lots of things, material and moral things. So I said to myself :ĒThatís enough! This is not life.Ē I left my girlfriend and went home asking for help. Thanks to my parents I met the Community that, after many years of wounds and failures, helped me t go out of that damned drug tunnel. Today Iím still a poor sinner but Iím happy because I met  Jesus Christ our Saviour, who died on the cross for me too, so that I could resurrect from  death willing to live and walk towards light. Today there is peace and joy in my heart: itís a miracle!
I do wish to thank the many friends who ,with so much love and patience, helped me to walk on the right way, the way of truth, service and prayer.

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