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Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

Prayer to Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross
(Edith Stein)

O Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross,
who made from your thirst for truth
a continuous prayer
perceiving that whoever searches for the truth,
searches for God,
obtain for us a constant search for the Truth.
You who met the Truth in the Cross of Christ,
illuminate us too by that same light
that springs forth from the mystery of the Cross.
Give us the knowledge of embracing the Cross
as you did.

You who discovered the Truth that you were searching for
by reading the simple life of Saint Teresa D’Avila,
allow us to discover in the simplicity of everyday,
the greatness of the presence of God.

You who gave yourself fully
to the Love that you met,
help many youth give themselves to the Lord,
who calls them,
without fear of losing,
but to give themselves with joy.

You who, in the camp of death, lavished yourself
upon your people with sweetness and eagerness,
instilling comfort and courage,
obtain for us in every occasion
to live with charity towards our neighbors.

You who, in the hour of your death,
before entering into the gas chambers,
made Jesus’ prayer your own:
“If it be possible, let this chalice pass, but if not,
let your Will be done”,
let us be capable of lowering our heads serenely
in the last moments of our lives,
completely abandoned to the Love of God,
which is always faithful.

Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, pray for us!

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