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Saint Clare of Assisi

Prayer to Saint Clare of Assisi

O loveable Saint Clare,
You, tracing the steps of the Virgin Mary
and following Francis,
the poor friar from Assisi,
became a simple, joyful sister
of humanity in journey.
Give us your love for the Church,
for our brothers, and for all creation.

Make our lives capable of silence,
listening, sacrifice, and a sustaining love
supported by prayer, faith and the hope of our brothers.

You, who in Francisí school discovered
that we are rich when we are poor,
help us to find in Jesus real riches.
You, in your last words
blessed the Lord for having created you,
obtain for us an understanding of the great gift of life.
Teach us that if life isnít given,
it is wasted!

Intercede for our families and community,
harmonious concord, serene work together,
joy of being together and prayer that unites us all,
so that one day we can eternally
praise and sing
with you, the praises of our Lord.

Saint Clare of Assisi,
pray for us!

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