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Saint Augustine

Prayer to Saint Augustine

Augustine, our father and brother of all,
you endlessly searched for the truth,
experimented the winding roads and the darkness of men
and had a profound experience of the illuminated paths of God,
make yourself our teacher and traveling companion
so that we can walk together with you
from the darkness of error to the Light of the Truth.

Still today humanity is so disoriented,
lost and sick from all the superfisciality of the world.
Everyday it is tricked by false goals
and the infinite lies that they love instead of God.

Father Augustine, come and redirect us “home”,
put us in pilgrimage to our interior lives,
where man cannot find peace until he finds God.
We ask you for the courage to follow the path of return
in ourselves and our interior lives,
where Love is joyfully waiting for us, and comes to meet us.

Father Augustine, you who were a passionate cantor of the Truth,
teach us to search for her, to find her, and love the Truth
to be able to live true freedom as children of God.
In Truth we discover the greatness of everything created
and the beauty that lies in every person,

Help us to walk together in true friendship,
forgiveness, and trust, happy to build together
the family of the Church, the holy city of God.

Saint Augustine, pray for us!

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