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Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Prayer to Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta,
Spouse of Christ, Mother of the poor, Friend of all,
we entrust to you our lives and our faith.
We ask you to teach us how to love
praying the way you taught us:

Remain with me, Jesus,
until those that see me
don’t see my person
but You in me.

Accordingly, Your splendor will shine through me
and can be light for the others.
My light will come from you alone, Jesus,
even a small ray, I will not call my own.
It is you alone who will enlighten others through me.

Inspire in me the praises that please You most,
and illuminate the others around me.

That I can proclaim you
not with words, but by example,
not with my testimony, but by my actions,
with the burst of love
that my heart receives from you.

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta,
pray for us!

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