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Blessed John XXIII

Prayer to Blessed John XXIII

Blessed John XXIII,
You who were known, loved and called upon
by the whole world as the “Good Pope”,
help us to discover in every event of our lives
whether good or bad, an infinite love,
an infinite goodness, a mysterious action,
and the eternal mercy that
belong to Him who “is all good”.

Give us the grace to be obedient
to the will of the Father,
joyful announcers of the Gospel
and constructors of the “peace”
that is given to us by Jesus.

Make us meek and humble carriers of the “light”
that blazes in the eyes of those who carry God in their hearts.

Give us the humility to recognize that we are
always servants and never masters,
and make our goodness become like yours.
Open our hearts to our brothers.

Blessed John XXIII
pray for us!

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