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Easter of Resurrection

Tonight the Mother Church feeds us with the bread of the liturgical signs: fire, candle, water , baptism, oil of chrism, the white dress. This Holy Mass is very rich in signs and Word of God because God wants to speak to us. When you bear something  really great, true and beautiful in your heart ,when you feel something like a fire inside ,you would like to speak about this  with the people you meet all day and night long. When your heart is full, it bursts  out and you really wish to  give,  talk,  run, be happy; you  never feel tired. Tonight God’s heart bursts out with light, joy, life all of  which He wishes to donate to each of us.

The richness of God’s Word, from Adam and Eve to the Risen Jesus is a hug meaning that God talks to us in any moment of our life . Are you happy? Well, God will talk to you. Are you in sin, do you feel naked, are you scared like Adam and Eve after their sin? Don’t be afraid, God will look for you and will speak to you. Are you still a slave in Egypt , do you still turn back towards that Egypt  you have just left, are you struggling, are you fighting hard for freedom ? Don’t be afraid, you are not alone, God  talks to you. Have you again denied God? Have  you  already found freedom, tasted it, but you have fallen again into compromise, lies, a hard heart made of stone after God had taken the  burden of your sin off your back ? Don’t be afraid, God  talks to you.

It’s beautiful to see that God’s Word  is good for any moment of our lives, because His love reaches us everywhere and always, it  changes our life and  makes us rise. RESURRECTION is the name of our God. The Word of God makes man rise and  offers him hope, light. It helps man to go out of the grave of sin. We all were slaves, prisoners. I always remember  the words Mother Elvira used to say to those who came to the Community straight from jail :” Remember that the hardest bars are the ones in your heart, not those you had in prison.” Easter is the rising of your  freedom; evil had chained it up, jailed it, buried it in a grave  closed by a big stone. Tonight God takes that freedom by the hand, raises it and says :” Now walk, you are free, a risen man or woman, you are no more dead, death was won.”

This way we can understand why the Church our Mother celebrates so much tonight and offers us a lot of “ food”. This is the night “which is no more night”, it’s the night  when death is won, we are in the light of  the RISEN JESUS! Every dark night is  enlightened by Jesus’ light and turns into a bright dawn full of life: it is  Resurrection! This is not an idea or a fairy tale told by priests and nuns, it’s true, it’s the real story of a man who died on the cross, whipped ,spat on and beaten…but that was not enough!  When the apostles heard Jesus say:” ….on the third day I will rise” they could not understand because nobody had risen before, this had never happened before : the poor apostles could not guess such a thing. But  thanks to Jesus resurrection becomes something true: it’s  the life of a man who died and rose. It’s nice to know that Jesus  made resurrection a living and concrete experience and we are witnesses of it. Our hearts were dead but now the more we proceed in our conversion walk in the Community the more we realize that we are resurrecting. While we  get more and more aware of  the wounds made by evil in us  we also become aware of the strength that made us rise. This is the miracle: the awareness of the evil we lived goes hand in hand  with the amazement  of how different we are and we know perfectly well that we could not make it just by ourselves . We tried to resurrect by ourselves many times  but resurrection is a gift from God, we cannot credit of this, it’s a free gift from God . His love, one day, looking at our lives ,told us the same words said to Jesus before :”  My son, my daughter you deserve life, my Son died for you, so now  you are born again in Him.” That’s why Easter is a magnificent feast,  the heart of our Faith, of our liturgical year: without resurrection we would be  desperate for ever. Resurrection is the basis of our hope. If Jesus had not resurrected from death, St. Paul says, our faith would be  vain.  We believe in a God who is alive and made us alive. The miracle of resurrection is printed inside of us, we are the living witnesses that resurrection is not  someone’s picture but what God truly wanted for man. Someone says that the world was crated by a burst of power and energy, the “Big Bang”. God’s heart  burst out with love at a certain moment and created the world and love. The Holy Shroud scholars say that something alike happened on that Holy Sheet : a great burst of light printed  the image on it. Just that way  that face, that body and those sores were imprinted like we can see them today: it’s the new creation! Life won over death! “ If anyone is in Christ he is a new creation; the old has passed away, behold, the new has come”. When we meet Christ, when our poor and dead lives  meet the power  of God’s love in Jesus Christ ,they bursts out ,that is to say God’s energy and light  enter inside of us so we can say to everybody: “….I have risen”. In these days  Jesus will tell everybody and in particular to His poor apostles: “..look, I have risen, it’s me”. God has risen to be alive  among us ,with us forever!

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