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Second Sunday of Lent Homily

In the walk towards  the Easter of  Resurrection, the Church, today, gives us the Gospel of Transfiguration.
In his message for Lent the Holy Father ,thinking about this event of Jesus’ life,  interprets it as the invitation of the  master to “…..go far from  everyday’s noise to immerse ourselves in   God”, to leave the noise of the world and go up a “high mountain . To be silent and listen to God’s voice in our heart  is very important for our inner life. Today Jesus invites us to live the same experience, He “takes us aside” as He did that day with Peter, James and John and He wishes to reveal Himself to us and to  plunge us into something really bright and clear, a beauty of light: ”..his face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light”, these are Matthew’s words.
Moses, symbol of the law, and Elija, symbol of  prophetism, were there too; the Old Testament, the ancient alliance “ speak” with Jesus.  The content of this “ conversation” is revealed to us in another passage of the Gospel: “…(they)spoke of his departure that was to accomplish at Jerusalem” ( Luke 9,31) . They speak of Jesus’ Passion, of His departure, by means of the Cross, to get to the  “Promised Land”!
In that moment something really extraordinary occurs to the Apostles: till that moment they had been terrified  of sufferings and of the Cross, but in that moment they experience that anyway “ … is well that we are here”! In Jesus they find the strength not to stop before the tragedy of His imminent Passion! How beautiful it is to see  Peter’s naturalness because he doesn’t take into great consideration the effects of his words ,on the contrary he shows what he is living. The answer comes straight from the Father’s voice Who is in a “ glorious splendour” that covers them with its shadow.  That voice invites them to listen to Jesus ,to follow Him, to trust Him even when His way seems too hard for us! God the Father  assures the Apostles  that the only right and true thing  is to listen to Jesus , because “……..This is my beloved Son ,in whom I am well pleased. ”God is pleased with Jesus but  He wants to be” pleased “with us too and  He wants to be happy of us! We should sometimes put our name  in this  reading from the Gospel: “…You are my so, I set my joy in you…..I gave you your life…Are you happy with your life? ….I’m happy you exist”. Even if we have done all sorts of things, we are His children still! Let’s listen to this voice  inside of us: we are beloved children ,anyhow. This is what we really need, in particular  when we live the cross: not feeling alone, belonging to a family greater then the blood’s one, to be “familiar” with God ,like St. Paul wrote, members of the universal family of God’s children.
Also Abraham ,we heard it, had the courage to leave everything: the relations, the land, home…to have a new, bigger family and God  blessed him; his own life became a blessing  for many people and he became our “father in faith”! When our life meets Jesus our condition of  children turns into  fatherhood, motherhood, fertility, blessing:” in you all the families on earth will be blessed”!
Let’s accept today God’s invitation to start walking ,listening to Jesus to live the experience that  with God life is “beautiful”, it’s something bright and  beautiful! Of course  everyday transfiguration is a never ending fight, but we are lucky because we can contemplate this in the miracle  of our reborn life after many years of darkness and pains. We witness of a life that is often trouble, but which resurrects; which suffers but which finds again meaning, joy, freedom , and hope
that will never die in the light of Love.

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