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Risen Jesus is waiting for us

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A new walk starts every year: it’s a time of grace, a special time made of conversion and healing. It’s the Lent that makes us ready for Easter, the heart of Jesus’ story, the most important moment in His life.
This “strong “ time, forty days long ,reminds us of the people of Israel’s walk to get to the promised land. Jesus enters  that ancient Easter  and renews it ,that is to say He frees man from the chains of sin.
So there is a new Easter for each of us, a new and eternal alliance, the “price” of which is Jesus on the cross. He stretches his arms and gives His life for us. That’s the greatest love: giving life for the friends, and for God each man is a friend  of His. He gives his life for everybody, He gives His life for me, for you, for each of us.

Message of the Holy Father for Lent 2011
“To start a serious walk towards Easter and to get ready to celebrate Our Lord’s Resurrection – the most solemn and joyful feast  of the whole liturgical year – what is better than being guided by God’s Word? That’s why the Church, in the readings taken from the Gospel on Lent Sundays, leads us to a specially intense meeting with Our Lord, reminding us of the first steps of the Christian initiation: for the catechumen ,  the perspective of obtaining the sacrament  of rebirth; for the baptized ones, the sight of the new and decisive steps  to follow Jesus Christ ,freely devoting  ourselves to Him.”

Following the Holy Father’s words, we will propose  a close investigation of the Word of God, offering you ,every week, some clues for meditation, taken from our Fathers’ homilies so that we can share  this important walk towards Easter.
Ash Wednesday
- First Sunday
- Second Sunday
-Third Sunday
- Fourth Sunday
-Easter of Resurrection

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