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My name is Petar ,I’m 27 and I am from Croatia.
I want to thank God for the miracle of the new life that I’ve found during this walk.
If I look at what I was a few years ago I realize that I was lost, with no will to change my way of living and always wishing for something more….which I always found in the wrong things.
With my friends I always had to be different from what I really was just because I wanted them to accept me and from that moment the very first  problems arose: I started to wear masks to be what I wasn’t. My parents have always loved me, but since they were split up I used to move from one house to the other. Living some time with one and some other time with the other I started “to exploit” their love  and their guilty feelings, making them give me a lot of material things.
When I was 15  my heart was full of doubts, questions and things I was looking for. I longed for something meaningful in my life and I wanted “to relieve” all the pains I had inside. During the high school I first got in touch with  “light” drugs, I skipped school, in the evening I returned home late, I drank…
To me all this meant to be free, to feel  important, to live the life I really wanted. I never thought I was an addict: I was enjoying myself! I didn’t realize all this  was taking me away from my family, my brother, and from all those who loved me.
A few years later, thanks to my family, I was outside the gate of the  fraternity ”Life Camp” in Medjugorje: I was a heroin addict, I was desperate  and I needed help. What I had enjoyed so much had turned into hell.
At the beginning of my walk in the Community I looked at my life  as at a great failure, everything had fallen to pieces, I had  no hope.. At first I didn’t accept such a place  like the Community, my future there scared me :it was  strange to see all those boys in the chapel praying  with the rosary in their hands, singing to the Lord, but what really amazed me was their smile! They were happy, free ,open, in the eyes there was a true light  so I said to myself: “ I want to be like them, a normal person”.
Thanks to the friendship I found in the Community  ,I’m still here to  share the walk of many other youth to whom I would like to give all that I have received .I must thank the boys who taught me how to pray, how to share ,to live in truth, to be myself .Now I’m happy because  I live beautiful and clean things ,I have  found a simple and true life. I have learnt how to  face my problems, to be friend to myself ,to love the others.
I thank our Lady for all the good wishes She has put in my heart in these years and also because I am alive. Thank you.



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