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Prayer to Blessed Laura Vicuņa

We entrust ourselves to you,
 Blessed Laura Vicuņa,
young adolescent who grew up
on the Andes of Patagonia
and courageous testimony of Christ.

You who were so obedient to the Holy Spirit
and were nourished by faith in the Eucharist,
obtain for us your consistent faith, courageous purity,
joyful fidelity to everyday tasks,
ardent charity and your appeals
for the good of your brothers.

Intercede for us strength to overcome
the pitfalls of selfishness and evil.
Make our lives, like yours,
completely open and available
to the presence of God, Mary,
and to a strong, generous love
 towards others.

Make our hearts
become beautiful inside as your heart is
to bring the Light of Jesus to the world.

Blessed Laura Vicuņa,
pray for us!



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