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Prayer to Saint Maximilian Mary Kolbe

Saint Maximilian, martyr of charity,
after having spent your energy
to announce the Gospel to all mankind
under the guide of Mary, the Immaculate,
in the total darkness of Auschwitz,
the place of death,
you brought the light of love
in the lives of your prison companions,
sowing hope in the midst of desperation,
and giving testimony
that “only love creates”.
By offering your life
for the father of a family,
you taught us that there is no love greater
than to give your life for your friends,
Help me to become similar to you!
Make that like you, my life too
may proclaim that “only love creates”.

You who found in Mary the strength
to be a courageous and faithful
disciple of Jesus,
help me to accept and welcome her,
as a Mother
to experience her intercession
in my walk of life.

Saint Maximilian Kolbe,
pray for us!


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