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Prayer to Saint Catherine of Sienna

Saint Catherine,
beloved wife of Christ,
who was illuminated by God
to be an advisor of faith and truth
to Popes, Bishops,
and important men of your time,
intercede for the shepherds of the Church
the wisdom to guide the People of God,
the love to take care
 of the wounds of men today,
and the courage to indicate
 without compromise
the way of the Truth.

Your heart that was given totally to Jesus
allows  you to be able to read the reality
of life and the world with His eyes,
and to accept the small and large needs
of humanity and of the Church;
You, true woman of God, help us as well
to see life through God’s eyes,
to make wise and just decisions
for ourselves and for the people
that the Lord has entrusted to us.

Saint Catherine of Sienna,
pray for us!


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