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Prayer to Saint Maria Goretti

Saint Maria Goretti,
your testimony to life
is so necessary for us!

You defended the dignity of women
refusing to be used as an object
of passion without feeling or love.
You understood the fundamental difference
that exists between freedom and selfishness,
and you screamed with all the strength you had left
that evil is evil because it hurts us.

You defended the true love,
a love that is born out of purity
and blooms out of a sincere gift of self,
a love that knows how to gather it’s children
into a feast called family.
Pray for the youth and adults of today
who are running the risk
 of not knowing how to love anymore.

Pray that purity of heart
can be rediscovered as freedom from selfishness,
as a promise of every possible gift,
and a condition to be able to love
as God loves, for He is Love!

Saint Maria Goretti,
pray for us!


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