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Prayer to Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus

O Saint Teresa,
you who has discovered the little way
as the path to holiness,
help us to live our regular activites of every day
with the intensity of love
that makes these small acts become great.
You are the patron of the Missions
you run to reach the ends of the earth
to sustain missionaries who suffer,
to give strength to those undergoing persecution,
to bring faith to those in temptation.
You were so young when you answered with joy
to the Love of God,
help many youth hear in their hearts
 the voice of the Master
who calls them to become fishers of men,
that they may have the courage to respond
 “here I am”.
According to the promise you made
it rained rose petals over the world:
rain upon us the same sweet rain
of the mercy of God.
Give courage to priests, forgiveness to sinners,
health to the sick, and comfort to the desperate.
Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus, help us!

Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus,
pray for us!


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