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Prayer to Saint Albert Chmielowski

Brother Albert, Father and Friend of the poor,
you who put your talents as an artist
to the service of the Gospel,
help us too discover God’s gifts
and to use them to testify to His love.

You discovered that the most beautiful work of art
in God’s eyes is the hearts of the poor,
Give us eyes capable of seeing your presence
in the neediest brothers and sisters.

You gave up all riches
becoming a poor brother amongst the poor,
and discovered that true riches lies in loving.
Free our lives from all unhealthy attachments.

You, whilst you distributed bread to the hungry
repeated many times that, “you have to be as good as bread”,
make us good bread for the brothers that we meet.

You who preached the mercy of God
and faithfully abandoned yourself to divine providence,
increase our faith!

Saint Albert Chmielowski,
Pray for us!


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