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Prayer to Saint Peter

Peter, fisherman of Galilee,
who left the boats and nets to follow the Master,
help us to freely leave our past
in the certainty that Jesus is that “something more”
we are searching for.

You, in the hour of the test
experienced human fragility, and denied the Master.
Help us, every time we fall, to find truth and courage
to embrace the mercy of God and always be able to restart.

Peter, rock of the Church!
Jesus loved you and prayed for you;
He transformed your weakness
into a strong rock of unity.
Pray for us so we may be united,
forming one body only
to offer to the divided world the miracle of our unity.

You arrived in Rome,
pushed by your desire
to carry the Gospel to everyone,
pray for us, so that we may be courageous testimonies
who bring hope and light into our world.

Peter, the first Pope!
On the Vatican hills in Rome,
 you found your own “Calvary”.
There you were crucified,
and gave your blood for the Gospel.
Protect your successor, our Pope Benedict,
that he may guide the one, holy,
catholic and apostolic Church of God
with charity and wisdom.

Saint Peter,
pray for us!



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