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Testimony of Mariapia bonanate - Journalist

<<Iím happy that I can testify to you all that with my husband, from the moment that his illness left him in a ďvegetative state,Ē weíre living a new marriage.  Yes, because it started amongst us a new era, a new world, a new life composed of gestures of love freely given.  Itís love that God gives us, through this silence, through this spirit, that I must say is very serene, it helps us to imagine that my husband lives in a condition of serenity, that he among the confines between life and death that we arenít allowed to know.
The love that radiates in his presence is converting the people who come to visit us because they are obligated to reflect on all that is valid and that which is worthless, they are obligated to take off their masks, to be true because in a situation like this you canít come and talk about things that donít have any sense.  Either donít come, or come to ďundressĒ yourself of everything, because what counts in life is what we lived before.  Success, money, satisfaction, they donít mean anything anymore!
You canít come to this domestic Church, close to this altar, without then changing your life:  to live in a new way, with the essentials, open, giving freely.  Yet think of the miracle!  Think how many families that are healthy and doing well, who arenít able to give this hope and lightness, that instead Danilo, in that room, in that room gives.  I tell you:  love, love, love a whole lot!  Life is born only through love.  Everything passes: suffering, difficulties, children that donít ďwork,Ē but we continue to love.  I donít know what else to say, only this, thank you!>>
                                                    From the testimony of Mariapia Bonanate

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