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Dr. Paolo Allemano, Mayor of Saluzzo

You all know the story of sister Elvira: with me here today is the vice-commissioner of the police department, who was present in 1983 when the keys to this villa were handed over by the city to sister Elvira.  We didn’t know what would happen, but today, we do;  I would say that if we had already understood at that time what would happen, we would have done even more.  Sister Elvira is a “tsunami”.  We live many collateral effects of this anomalous wave:  You all are involved more directly, but the city as well intensely lives this moment.  Seeing the members of the Community participating in the life of Saluzzo, visiting the jail, supplying various services and assistance, is surely a great growth for us as well.  Saluzzo doesn’t just welcome all that sister Elvira is doing, but hurls it out, desiring, wishing, that all this vital energy can also enter into the fabric of our society.  The greatest gift that you all can give to the institutions, to the public figures, to the families, and all of us citizens is to make it so that in some way a little bit of this positive life comes out the Community and contaminates society.  We will all be much better off and have more hope for the future.  Thank you all, and have a happy festival!

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