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Mladifest 2009

Dear everyone,

We send our thanks from the blessed land of Medjugorie where within the “Youth Festival 2009” our Mother Elvira spoke to crowds of young men and women, who despite a little rain and strong wind, gathered together to dance, sing, rejoice, and open their hearts to God along with those of us from the Community. This year the theme of the “Festival” was the Wedding feast at Cana. Our Lady offers the servants an invitation when there is no more wine: “Do whatever He tells you” (Jn 2,5) and we wanted to live this invitation with all of the young people that came from all over the world. Thank you for your prayers because we felt them with a lot of peace, enthusiasm, joy and the emotions that Mother Elvira felt, transmitted, and gave to all of us: she spoke, danced, and embraced people… for almost an hour, with so much passion for life and for the Youth. And the Youth, recognized the call… Here I am! And they replied above all with a lot of joy which they shared with us through dance and prayer.
The Holy Spirit came with strength and even passed through the words of Father Ivan, Ivica and Josipa, Daniele and Simona, who gave testimonies of life, which is very important because in each one of our stories there is always an evident miracle of God’s Mercy and the presence of Jesus’ Mother who brings us closer to Him. 
The evening started with the presentation of the Recital “I believe.” We started around 10:00 pm because the show was preceded by the Holy Mass and a moment of prayer within the official program; we want to tell you the amazement that we experienced in these days, in seeing a crowd of Youth so attentive and perseverant in prayer: hours and hours of Adoration, Holy Masses, Processions, Rosaries… all in total silence, attentive, and thirsty for God; The joy in the moments of song and dance were so explosive and the prayers and the gatherings in front of Jesus and Mary were so profound and intense!
With this amazement and gratitude we then performed the Recital, even here “blessed” by a little rain right in the middle of the show… we asked Our Lady to “hold” the clouds just a second so that we could finish, because there were millions of people present, all out in the open. And in fact, the storm started just a few minutes after the show ended, when the Franciscan Brothers and Mother Elvira were saying goodbye, we were dancing and singing the “Good Night” song: it started to flood and the power went out… we were all in the dark, but just at the right moment!
We give thanks and we pray to Our Lady for all of the Youth who came here in these days and for their families, so that they will be blessed with peace and it will accompany them in their daily lives.

Greetings and an embrace in prayer
from all of the young men and women of Mejugorie

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