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Life Project with the ‘meninos de rua’

Family homes
The educational method we realize in our missions is not creating a boarding school but is recreating  as much as possible a familiar environment where the kid can feel to be loved, welcomed, given a sense of  responsibility, so that the deep wounds of his/her heart may heal and he/she may get confidence back again.
We believe that the warmth of a family is indispensable for a child to perceive love and to truly and fully express himself/herself. That’s why in the same mission the kids are divided in familiar nucleus  of 8-10 people, which have a couple or two lay missionaries as leaders. They have chosen to freely share some years or the entire life with these kids in this journey through the re-education to the beauty of life.
During the day the kids play, study, do sports, pray, share…every kid led here by the state organisations must feel welcomed and free. In our missions there are no walls, no gates locked with chains. Kids should stay here because of love and not because of some fear. If they do not desire to accept our offer of love they are just free to leave us and to be transferred into another structure. They just need to talk about this intention of theirs to the people in charge or to the social assistants.

Education to sincerity
All the children that we normally welcome to stay with us have lived a very sad and sometimes even violent childhood. They are lonely and angry. Living on the street they adopt attitudes typical of juvenile delinquency, they are afraid of everything and they lie.  That’s why our educational project is focused on education to sincerity, to respect oneself and the others, to discover again own positive talents and the beauty of life. All that comes through  the constant presence of the so called ‘aunts and uncles’ that go with the children throughout all the different activities.
We share our experiences and we question our lives, we help each other to be aware of our mistakes and to change ourselves through concrete little daily tasks. We consider very important the scholastic  education, and the development of learning through computer courses, art therapy, and sport. Children  also learn through the little family duties that each of them carry out. They are not guests, they are part of the family and as every other member of the family they have to carry out their responsibilities conscientiously for the good of everybody.
All the different activities aim at the global re-education of the child who discover himself/herself different with new positive chances  for their future

Scholastic education
We consider scholastic education fundamental for the growing and the development of children’s personality and for their future. Very often the state schools are not that good, and thus we try to send them to scholastic realities which are serious and that allow them to really learn. We then broaden their knowledge by means of computer courses and craftworks labs. We require  the teenagers more integration in the ordinary responsibilities and duties of the house (carpentry, gardening, cleaning, animals caring, oven…) so that they can feel more responsible and learn a job useful for their future.

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