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The birth of the missions

The missions were born within the hearts of some of the guys of the Community, above all of Nicola, our intercessor from heaven. They felt that the Community should save children’s lives urgently, aware  that it is during the childhood that those wounds leading to drug and to violence originate. These guys prayed a lot and gave their complete willingness to God: “here we are”…this way many missions were born in Latin America.
The Providence, our untiring and generous fellow traveller did not keep us waiting and so the Mission Project became reality not only as service to desperate youth, but also as taking care of the most precious thing in the world: the children who are the pupil of God’s eye.
This way this new adventure of the Holy Spirit brought us to welcome the ones the world knows as street children, meninos the rua, ninos de la calle….
Along with them we have discovered that sharing life and everyday work in the presence of Jesus becomes re-education for us and them as well, becomes patient and forgiving love that promotes the goodness already inscribed in every God’s child.
The Father has shown His trust in us leaving His jewels in our care, jewels who unfortunately are dirtied and wounded by the world and its injustice, but now finally back to the “House of the Father”.
We desire then to be faithful to Him… and to them, for ever. Pray for us!
                                                                 The missionaries of the Cenacolo

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