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Witnessing not only through words

It is good to see that today we can witness our rebirth, us indeed that had built our house on the sand of the false idols which brought us to the drugs. So we may help other people to find hope again.
Going up a stage, speaking of ourselves before other people, overcoming the fear of being wrong, holding a microphone, singing…are all things that we could not to do without drinking or taking drugs and they are a great achievement of freedom.
Therefore the witnesses are above all a great gift for us, for the healing of our heart, for overcoming our fears and our complexes, for strengthening what we are witnessing.
Before being a way to go towards other people, they are the means through which the love of God is healing us. Even the hours spent practicing the recitals, all the mistakes, the moment of prayers and of reconciliation are part of the evangelisation, because it is the Gospel above all to transform and free us. Only this way our call becomes true for others.
The people who see us perceive not the perfection of our acting but the truth and the commitment we put in what we do. All this goes through the gift of prayer which becomes alive contact with God.
Many times the words of the songs, the steps of the dances, the intuitions about the setting of the stages spring from the prayer. While with Maria we meditate Jesus’ life in the rosary, we discover that good is stronger than everything else: it is stronger than our poverties, than our weaknesses, than death and even us that have been destroyed from evil, we have the task of announcing that the Mercy of God is bigger and stronger of any sin. The recitals made up by the fantasy of God and the commitment of the people in the community over these years are very many: From Darkness to Light, The Prodigal Son, The Mysteries of Light, Don’t be Afraid…
But above all the recitals born from the Word of God have left a particular sign in our heart and in those who have seen them and that has convinced us that our world pass but His remains and bears fruits.
The call of the Gospel through the recitals is convincing us that every time we witness our faith this one strengthen in us. “No one lights a lamp and put it in some hidden place or under a tub; they put it on the lamp-stand so that people may see the light when they come in.” (Luke 11,33). Every time we see people in tears at the end of the Recitals, we become aware of the precious treasure that the Community is giving us; in our soul it lights the desire of crying to the world that only Jesus is the true joy of the heart of man!

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