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Mother Elvira’s Greeting
If we don’t appreciate the gift of life then everything else, everything that we are and everything that we have are neglected and are not well taken care of. As a result, we find ourselves poor and sad. Let us give voice to life, not just an exterior life, but a life that focuses “on the inside”: a voice from within, a face from within, a love from within…and therefore we will see great things. The gift of life is one of the first things that the Lord has given us but there are still people who have not grasped this: people who still have not embraced their life, loved their life, and as a consequence, life has been reduced to merely doing, doing many things, but everything done somewhat poorly.
It’s like when someone gives you a crate of peaches and those that are on top are appealing and appetizing, then you touch the batch that are on the bottom and you realize that they are mushy and half-rotten. Enough with appearances because appearances aren’t enough! We must start to live on “the inside”, each one of us must live our being in order to finally be happy. We are here to celebrate life, not only the resurrected life of the youth, but ours. It’s beautiful to live every year such joyful days, but at last who said :”I’m the Truth and Life”? Life is Risen Jesus and only He, Jesus can say: ”I’m Life” because He gave his life to us. But we instead of being happy and grateful for such a precious gift, what do we do? We just care of what we wear, of what we build around life: what we do, what other people say…….
Life is God’s gift and God doesn’t deceive us! He knows that  life, hope, forgiveness mercy and love all come from life and if we appreciate our life we can live these values that Our Lord gave us. We want to learn how to thank God and to forgive ourselves. Let’s embrace one another and let’s  not despise our life any longer! Life is important and through the life of each one of us many miracles occur. Jesus  is not the only one who performs miracles; each one of us can: the miracle of a hug, of forgiveness, of a joyful look, of a reconciliation; these are miracles and we have really seen them in those young people who came to the Community full of anger, sadness ,missing so much Someone they didn’t know.
But when they gradually started to meet  Him, they  didn’t escape. Somebody says that young people are hard: it’s not true! They say they are lazy, indifferent and they don’t want to go to Mass: it’s not true! Today’s young people are able to sacrifice, to renounce to things,television,discos,to being late at night…. I always feel amazed; these are the miracles of life that we cannot deny because they are performed before us. This is the power of life, the  strength of life, the need of life: that’s why we  must welcome life and….thank, thank, thank. I can tell you many words but they are not enough.
Just speaking about life, joy, peace ,reconciliation, prayer, charity …is not enough: today the world wants to see them not only hear about them. People want to see the fruit of a Christian  life choice.
That’s why you are here today; you have come because you have seen the transformation signs in the lives of these youth. But this is not enough too; we must see the miracle in our own life “on the  inside “.
We are here to contemplate and celebrate life which is reborn and rejoices inside us.
Happy Life Festival to everybody!
Thank you.

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