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January 2008

“Joy, forgiveness, hope, peace, faith are all values that we have inside of us: now we must have the courage to live them.
Which Community, which family has the courage to speak about faith when things do not go exactly how they would like them to?
Faith means using your will power and believing, even if you do not understand a situation.
Faith means not living only for ourselves but giving of ourselves to everyone.
It is faith which opens our eyes and teaches us to serve, love, perceive by intuition, rejoice.  It is in faith that these values are present inside of us.  We do not need to speak so much about these values, but learn to put them into practice.  The first worry that we should have for our lives and for the lives of others is: how is our faith?  That’s why I rejoice when I hear  parents  ask their children: “Have you prayed the Rosary?  Did you go to Mass on Sunday?”  What sadness there is when parents only worry about material things, things that please them, which are worthless without support from faith, hope, and love.  We must learn to simply live our identity and to give thanks because we are a wealth for one another.
There is so much light and so many gifts inside of you, inside of us: we ask Our Lady to help us be women of peace, silent women, free women.
Let everything that we are emerge in Good, so that we can enjoy and see it.  Our Lady helps us to live the truth about ourselves in God’s presence, Who created us and loves us exactly for who we are.
Let’s start  to travel with Jesus and with Mary in this journey inside ourselves, let’s get to know ourselves deeply, and we will discover that our life is a unique and precious gem.”

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