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Mother Elvira

It is a great joy for me to be able to say thank you!  Because together we realize that we need to love ourselves!  And we know that true love, love that lasts, love that spreads is born from sacrifice.  In fact, your presence here is a sacrifice, however big or small.  And we can assure you that this evening you will return home astounded, amazed, and without words: The resurrection reenacted cannot be described with words.  You know that these young people were "burned" by drugs, but today we see that drugs, death, evil, don't have the last word because Jesus has won, has liberated us and  recalled us to life.
We all are risen and this we can see; these are not words, these are facts, that we can all contemplate.  We truly want to be united in peace.  The king of peace is Jesus of Nazareth.  He teaches us to live because today it is difficult to live well.  For us Christians it is not easy to testify that we are believers.  But we must continue to do so at the cost of becoming martyrs. We know that after martyrdom there will be perpetual light and it is there that we have been walking towards all of our life.  We must free ourselves from fear, from any apprehension and remain in peace because even if they condemn us Jesus is with us.  Jesus is with us!  Whatever will come will come!  And if He is there, there is no fear.  The youth of the Community can say this: they are no longer afraid.  Unfortunately, they have been touched by violence, falsity and drugs… But now they have tasted and are experiencing what life means: the beauty of life, the greatness of life, using life for doing good.  Woe to us if we let laziness, boredom, or unsatisfaction, slow us down.  We are born to live and live well, doing good for everyone.

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